Witness: The man was armed with a cutlass


Rashad Maynard today described the man his brother allegedly killed as a ‘nuisance’ who drank heavily and became aggressive.

In fact, he said, the day his brother Raheim Hinds hit Michael Yearwood with a rock, Yearwood had “straight shot” a bottle of rum and was armed with a cutlass.

Hinds, of Phillip’s Road, Pinelands, St Michael, today pleaded not guilty to the murder of Yearwood on March 26, 2015, when his trial began in Supreme Court No 5A.

Maynard, who was 15 at the time of the incident, told the court he knew Yearwood as ‘Bishop’ who ran a tire shop in the Princess Royal Avenue area of ​​Pinelands, St Michael.

“I don’t know much about him, but he drank a lot and got aggressive towards people. He was telling you things and taunting you,” he told the court.

Maynard said that on the day in question, Yearwood and his brother got into a fight.

The witness said he was sitting outside near Marcia Moore’s shop when Yearwood crossed the road towards him.

Maynard said he had a bottle of rum in one hand and a cutlass in the other.

He recalled Yearwood “saying things to him” and he got up and went to get a rock.

Maynard said the man drove down the road and his brother came to the scene.

He said his brother then took a rock and threw it at Yearwood, hitting him in the head. He told the court the man fell, got up and fell again after being hit.

Maynard said people went to his aid and he returned home after being ordered to do so by his father.

Cross-examined by defense attorney Arthur Holder, Maynard admitted that in a statement he gave to police on March 28, 2015, he told them that Yearwood had pushed and hit him with the cutlass.

He recalled that after being hit with the stone, Yearwood still had the cutlass in his hand.

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