Will NJ soon ban new gas-powered cars? If Murphy gets his way


There are no limits to Phil Murphy’s radicalism.

He, like the leaders of 16 other states, jumped on the bandwagon of California’s incredibly rigid emissions requirements, which are stricter than those of the federal government. This could mean he is aiming for a ban on the sale of new petrol cars by 2035.

On August 25, the California Air Resources Board voted to ban the sale of gasoline-powered cars by 2035. Sales of diesel-powered trucks would end 10 years later.

Since New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Washington, Oregon, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Colorado, Minnesota, Nevada, Virginia and New Mexico have all opted to adhere to California standards instead of the federal government’s less stringent requirements, that means we’re right through this drastic race even though New Jersey officials haven’t said whether yes or no we will follow suit.

Gas prices displayed at a 76 station in Folsom

Gas prices posted at a 76 station in Folsom (Chris Coleman, Townsquare Media NJ)

Many states have said they will require a certain number of vehicles to be electric, but to say that 100% of vehicles sold should be electric is nonsense. And that’s true.

I’ve made it very clear on this forum and also on the airwaves that I think pushing the electric vehicle thing is premature and probably counterproductive. Our state’s infrastructure is not ready to put an entire industry on its ear and get everyone to buy electric vehicles. Not to mention the fact that the carbon footprint required to manufacture and charge these vehicles is the same or even greater than that of its counterpart.

Environmental worshipers on the left tend to do things that sound good but aren’t really good. A kind of “Penny wise, pound stupid” mentality. And it’s no surprise that our leftist governor, a big believer in all good laws, is a believer in this one.

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