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For the editor:

Please, we had a convoy! Last Friday, the Midwest Freedom Convoy passed through Minnesota. The intention of the west coast convoy to Washington DC is to shed light on illegality and division “vaccine warrants” issued by Joe Biden. Yes, the CDC conveniently removed the masking recommendations a day before the colorful State of the Union address. Yes, the Supreme Court struck down parts of Biden’s vaccine requirements. But not such a relief for our time “Hero” healthcare workers, military personnel and truck drivers crossing international borders. Meanwhile, the illegal immigrants at our border with Mexico continue to arrive (unvaccinated).

My wife and I waited impatiently on an overpass a mile west of Fairmont for the convoy to arrive. The media told us the night before that the convoys were collapsing. There were only 4 trucks. Depressing stuff. We were hoping that Google and mainstream media were wrong. CW McCall would have been proud when the trucks appeared on the western horizon. LOTS of trucks – 10, 20, 50 maybe a hundred and more, all honking. It was really a lump in the throat moment. There were trucks, RVs, SUVs and rigs of all sizes. No, there wasn’t a charterhouse minibus full of 11 long-haired friends of Jesus, but there was a camper saying “Jesus save” on the side. There was a tow truck with my son, his wife and my very excited grandson inside. South Dakota law enforcement provided an escort to the Minnesota border. The Minnesota State Patrol made friendly waves as it parked in the middle of I-90. License plates on vehicles from Washington to Minnesota and all states in between. This group has joined many others from all parts of the United States and currently performs at Hagerstown Speedway in Maryland. They circled the Washington DC Ring Road on Monday.

We rejoined the convoy after it passed us en route to a planned break at Albert Lea. There were supporters on every overpass waving American flags. There were farm tractors, combines, sprayers and grain carts in the fields. Fire departments with ALL of their trucks including an extended ladder truck with a Perkins flag held upright with a truck tire attached to the bottom. A lonely woman sitting on a pile of stones in the field. Dads holding their grandsons, little girls in pink dresses waving flags. Westbound traffic came to a halt waving. There may even have been Democrats showing their support for All I Know.

So please “President” Biden, do the right thing. Free the American people from your “Vaccine Mandate”. End your tyrannical orders and this national COVID nightmare. To allow this country to share some “Unity” about which you spoke so much in last year’s inaugural address.

Paul Platz


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