Watch the Nitrous Cutlass Supreme go blazingly fast on the Strip


The Cutlass Supreme, a car from the Oldsmobile company whose roots go back to the early 60s, is a legend from another century.

For now, General Motors doesn’t see fit to bring the Supreme Name back from the dead, but if it did, chances are it’s attached to an EV.

This drag racer, from the video below, is filmed courtesy of YouTube channel Malcom2004 which is always seemingly in the right place at the right time and today gives us a look at the Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme shot up to 11 – with using a little magic juice.

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The Custom Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Drag Racer is a sight to behold

This car is a fourth generation Cutlass Supreme model and is one of those car designs that takes you back to a certain time when the world was a different place and gas cost a different amount of money.

All those moons ago in the 80s this was a top car and could be had with a wide variety of V8 engines, as well as 6 cylinder and even diesel power – but this car uses a different kind of power.

It uses gas and something called nitrous – something viewers of The Fast And The Furious franchise will remember.

There are no details regarding its maximum power output, but don’t worry; that’s a huge number and the resulting starts in this drag race are all the evidence we need.

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The fastest Drag Racer of the 80s with the help of Nitrous

As the subtitle alludes to, the Cutlass Supreme is faster than a McLaren F1 hypercar: but there’s no quarter-mile time here in this series or these races.

The lion’s share taking place under artificial light, the car glows as it gracefully moves towards the end hatch, with all the force of a freight train.

It’s obviously extremely fast, the parachute, the nose gear and the modified wheels betray the game at the same time as the noise.

It sounds like the devil at a standstill with the V8 chopping under the hood and under full load the sound turns into Beelzebub itself – check out the video for fast-paced action and the brief return of an 80s legend.


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