Watch Mel Gibson Caught Airing Tires in Parking Lot, Jokes About Assaulting Fan


By Erika Hanson | 16 seconds ago

Mel Gibson’s lucrative career has waned over time, largely due to the countless controversies surrounding the Oscar holder. Although he’s easily one of Hollywood’s most recognizable faces, the past few decades have tarnished the 66-year-old actor’s career in showbiz. Now a new video from a TikTok user has gone viral, showing the actor doing everyday manly things like airing tires and of course joking about bullying fans as the lethal weapon star continues her journey back to Hollywood.

Check out Mel Gibson’s motor skills in the video below:

In a TikTok that is going viral on Twitter, the madmax alum was recorded in a rare sighting doing something completely normal. As the fan holds up his camera, viewers are treated to a view of a grizzly but chiseled Mel Gibson coming to the aid of a fan who needed help filling his tires with air. As the Hispanic man flashes his delighted face on camera, he tells his audience that he’s “helping” his friend Mel Gibson. Panning the camera over Mel, we see a disturbed-looking Gibson crouching in front of the tire as he plays the good Samaritan role. The cameraman then asks the actor if he is in fact Mel Gibson, which Mel reluctantly confirms.

While it’s easy to tell that Mel Gibson wanted to be able to handle the tire quickly and quietly, the fan didn’t seem to catch Mel’s tone and demeanor, or just starstruck like many people who come across celebrities on daily outings. . After a series of 20 questions, the fan asks Mel why he is alone. In perfectly appropriate Mel Gibson fashion, the Brave Heart The veteran responded by asking the fan “Why are you?” Responding that he’s lonely because he’s not famous, Mel jokes that he “likes” being alone before adding, “What if I rob you?”

It’s worth mentioning that the details surrounding this supposed fan encounter don’t specify whether or not Mel Gibson is fixing his own tire or the fans. However, after quieting the fan’s chatter, Gibson ended up asking the man for help with the task. The video exploded on social media, and luckily for the man constantly under pressure for his relationships, the reactions seem to be heating up. Many viewers took the time to comment on how relieving it was to see Mel Gibson having normal interaction with the audience. And while many viewers called out Gibson for his peevish stance and goofy mugging joke, the event was uplifting with optimism, and we have to remember that celebrities are people, too, who get sick of their eyes. constant vigilance in public.

More than anything, it’s a relief to see the Panels star not caught in a new controversy. Since the early 90s, Gibson has had a long history of scandals. In 1991, Mel Gibson was accused of homophobia after an interview in which he made allegedly derogatory comments about gay people. At first, Gibson went through a dark, public DUI while accelerating with an open container. To make matters worse, video footage of the arrest was leaked that showed a furious Gibson going on an allegedly anti-Semitic rant against the officer. Not slowing down, Gibson suffered another career blow after a recorded phone message with his then-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, leaked. After receiving a domestic violence-related restraining order, the incident seemed to be a tipping point for Mel, as he’s been largely blacklisted from Hollywood for the past decade.

With cancel culture reigning supreme in Hollywood, it looks like Mel Gibson may soon be making a comeback. He is set to star in a new John Wick spin-off series, as well as the highly anticipated fifth film in his long-running run. lethal weapon franchise. Surely, this outspoken appearance will only help the actor’s return to Hollywood, as long as he keeps quiet about some of the scandalous topics close to his heart.


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