Volkswagen ID.4 USA Tour sets new Guinness World Records® title on Hankook EV tires


– Volkswagen’s new electric car completed its 35,000-mile tour of the 48 contiguous United States in all-electric mode on Hankook’s Kinergy AS EV tires.

Posted: October 20, 2021 at 2:25 p.m. CDT

NASHVILLE, Tennessee, 20 October 2021 / PRNewswire / – Global Tire Leader Hankook tire successfully completed the “Volkswagen ID.4: Great Roadshow through the US” with its electric vehicle specific tire Kinergy AS EV. The tour team recently established a Guinness World Records title for the longest electric (non-solar) car trip in a single country with an electric vehicle, breaking the previous record set in 2019.

The Volkswagen ID.4 USA tour team establishes a new Guinness World Records title for the longest electric (non-solar) car trip in a single country on Hankook electric vehicle-specific Kinergy AS EV tires.

Of July 13 to October 18, Volkswagen’s new electric car, the VW ID.4 EV, has traveled the 48 contiguous United States in all-electric mode. Long distance driver Rainer Zietlow, who had been part of the “Volkswagen ID.3 Germany Tour” last year, joined again to create another legacy with the photographer Derek collins sitting next to him. Hankook Tire, which also sponsored last year’s Tour of Germany by supplying its tires, once again supported the success of the United States round by fitting its Kinergy AS EV tires in dimension 235 / 55R19 at the front and 255 / 50R19 at the rear.

The tour started at VW headquarters in Herndon, Virginia where it crossed the northern part of the United States to the west coast. The VW ID.4 visited 622 Volkswagen dealers and three Hankook Tire dealerships along the way: Tire Rack in South Bend, Ind., Tire Discount at Phoenix, Arizona., and The Schwab in Redmond, Ore. He also visited the Hankook Tennessee factory in Clarksville, Tennessee. before crossing again by a southern road to join Volkswagen Group of America’s Virginia installation as final destination. Travelers made 208 stops at Electrify America charging stations at the end of the tour.

Upon arrival at the final stage, Guinness World Records announced that the team had been awarded the title of the longest continuous electric vehicle (non-solar) trip in a single country. He broke the previous record set by the “Volkswagen ID.3 Germany Tour” by doubling the mileage by more than double.

“Breaking this record is a testament to the reliability of VW ID.4 and Hankook’s Kinergy AS EV tires, which offered low rolling resistance and allowed me to stop at fewer charging stations and drive this tour with confidence. “, said Rainer Zietlow, pilot and founder of Challenge4. “From the desert terrain of Nevada to the heavy rain in Oregon and the windy parts of the Midwest, Hankook’s Kinergy AS EV tires provided me with the grip I needed along with superior stability and handling, making their performance imperative for the success of this tour. “

Hankook Tire’s Kinergy AS EV, which was fitted to the vehicle throughout the trip, is a tire fitted with advanced technology to complement the unique characteristics of electric vehicles. It provides an optimized ultra-low noise environment for electric vehicles by applying techniques that reduce tire and road noise. Its special block design pattern delivers supreme driving performance on par with ultra-high performance tires while the tread maintains optimum grip force to deliver the high instantaneous torque of an electric motor to the road without loss. In addition, a new compound and silica reinforcement with increased dispersibility improves wear resistance.

“As a long-term partner of Challenge4 and Volkswagen Tires, Hankook Tire is very proud to be a part of this record breaking moment and we would like to congratulate the team on this new achievement,” said Soil Lee, President and CEO of Hankook Tire & Technology. “Understanding that this trip would require tires capable of withstanding the most diverse conditions in different parts of the country, we were confident to take on this role with our dedicated electric vehicle tire as it is able to provide exceptional grip and handling as well. than improved durability. with low rolling resistance. “

Hankook Tire has steadily increased its presence in the segment of electric vehicle tires through forward-looking investments in R&D and the use of advanced technologies. The company not only equips the main electric vehicles with its Kinergy AS EV and Ventus S1 evo 3 ev tires, but is also selected as the exclusive tire supplier for the “ABB FIA Formula E World Series” from the 2022/23 season. , where new third-generation fully electric racing cars will compete around the world in their own FIA World Championship.

Their journey has been recounted in, where website visitors can view images and a map highlighting the path of the visit.

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Driving on Hankook's electric vehicle-specific Kinergy AS EV tires enabled the Volkswagen ID.4 ...
Riding with Hankook’s EV-specific Kinergy AS EV tires allowed the Volkswagen ID.4 USA touring team to establish a new Guinness World Records title for the longest electric (non-solar) car trip in a single country.
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