This NJ Gas Station Offers Free Gas


A Sunoco station in Jersey City is offering thousands of dollars worth of free gas on Saturday.

However, if you want to have some, you better get up early.

The first 300 cars in line when the Grand Street station opens will receive $25 worth of free gas.

The World Outreach Christian Church and Pastor Shyrone Richardson are behind the gift to help the community in times of economic crisis.

Richardson tells the Jersey Journal she had been thinking about it for “a while”, but as more and more families are stressed by rising inflation and other economic factors, she felt it was a great opportunity to offer “a moment of hope”.

The church started with the idea of ​​giving free gas to 100 cars. Station owner Tom Critelli and Sunoco headquarters matched the churches’ donation to provide free gas to another 200 cars.

World Outreach Christian Church hosts giveaways throughout the year. To learn more, visit their website

Eric Scott is the senior policy director and anchor of New Jersey 101.5. You can reach him at [email protected]

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