These custom buggies are crushing the sand dunes in Dubai


Needless to say, dune buggies aren’t as popular as they were in their heyday in the 60s and 70s. These days, four-wheel drive dominates all that off-road territory, relegating these open-air beach machines to the rural hills and coastal sand berms. But in a video posted on Sunday, YouTuber Chad Beeknown for his time in Thailand checking out everything from modified mud tractors to animated sports car replicas, traveled to Dubai, where these legendary buggies still reign supreme.

Some buggies are equipped with Quad-Turbo

The moment Bee pulls into a private racing shop in Dubai, he is immediately thrilled by the custom buggies that dot the lot. Most of them are equipped with twin-turbo V8 LS engines. Bee laid eyes on a bump monster with a 454 cubic-inch engine with a quad-turbo package installed. The driver tells him that this buggy makes 1,400 horsepower, prompting him to do a double take. “I’d love to say I’m ready for this,” Bee shouts over the noise of the engine, “but I don’t know if I am!”

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While Bee marvels at the way this buggy cruises at cruising speed, he’s aware that Sahara-based speedsters face organic obstacles, like other drivers in Southeast Asia. “When doing motorsport activities in Thailand, you always have to worry about hitting a buffalo,” he noted when the sand roadster passed a few camels. “Here in the UAE, they have camels.”

A few LS engines produce 1,500 hp

Sandy buggy does a wheelie on the dubai dubai
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Bee and his driver encounter a contingent of other sand buggy owners parked near a gigantic dune where the action is to begin. Supercharged vehicles feature LS engines delivering 1,000 horsepower to the rear wheels while quad-turbos have up to 1,500 horsepower to play with. The result is a hellish experience of hitting the dunes, sometimes with the front wheels of a buggy soaring up to six feet. “These are some of the wildest sand buggies on planet Earth!” Bee exclaimed.

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An owner of a 1,000-horsepower 7.4-liter V8 buggy and four-liter Whipple supercharger gives Bee a ride to experience the dunes first-hand. Bee straps into the passenger side with his trusty camera. As the vehicle traverses the bumpy contours, Bee struggles to hold the camera steady while catching her breath between jumps.

High Speed ​​Sand Motorsports

Interior shot of a sand buggy climbing dune in Dubai
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Once it’s over, Bee recalls his thoughts on what it was like to traverse insane sandy contours at top speeds. “It was crazy,” he recalls. “It was a motorsport experience that I will never forget and that you can only have here in Dubai.”

Fortunately, Bee reported no camel casualties while filming the video.

Source: CB Media

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