These are the most obnoxious modes that car reducers hate


Modifying a car is a journey, self-discovery and self-expression. By comparison, some prefer subtlety and stick with purely performance tweaks, while others stray into slightly crazier territory. This madness produces the finest show cars combining body aesthetics, performance and personality to draw a crowd. Other modifications take a boring platform and turn it into something special, bringing an otherwise lifeless vehicle to life.

The customization of a car can show the personality of the owner, and just like there are obnoxious people, there are also obnoxious automotive fashions. When done right, some of these fashions can be stylish, while others are the equivalent of a tantrum in the form of a car. One way or another, reducers hate these automotive fashions! Some perceive only minor irritation, while others are a complete disgrace to automotive culture.

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8 Rotating rims

Modifying the rims is nothing new, and when done right, the refined weight can increase performance. Plus, if the wheel design matches the look of the car, the angles and craftsmanship are revealed. Done poorly, you will end up with spinning rims.

In the 1990s, rotary rims were all the rage, but over time those rims don’t look cool anymore, and all that spinning makes us nauseous. Additionally, these spinning rims are often placed on cars that conflict with many spinning models.

seven Rolling coal

Rolling coal is a stupid idea
via ChevyTV

Modifying diesel trucks is nothing new, but this fashion is only downright odious. Rolling Coal is produced by using additional unburnt fuel to create a black or gray exhaust plume, Rolling Coal not only annoys the average driver, even enthusiasts are against the practice!

Fans of rolling coal claim the fashion is a statement against environmentalism, but it seems they’ve forgotten that some of the fastest cars are now fully electric. Plus, the Hummer EV, the successor to the famous environmental killer, can pump 1,000hp, which makes those rolling coal trucks even more ridiculous.

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6 donkeys

via Sun Sentinel

Also known as hi-risers, the donk is a custom car that just looks obnoxious. Most notably, donks feature oversized wheels that can reach 30 inches or more! These giant wheels would typically adorn American-made cars such as the Chevy Impala, Buick Regal, and Oldsmobile Cutlass.

In rare cases, donks can be tastefully done, but most are just absurd contraptions of oversized wheels and terrible paint jobs. Reducers shake their heads when driving in the streets.

5 Insane audio systems

A Cadillac Escalade with an audio system in NFS Underground 2 | Marko Sokolovski

Playing a few tunes during the ride makes things exciting, and even setting up a some submarines, and a decent amp can bring the party. But, when it comes more to detonating pulses of low moans as opposed to loud tunes, the reducers roll their eyes.

It’s only recently that automakers have taken car audio systems more seriously, and many aftermarket systems are excellent. Some take these systems to the extreme, to the point of breaking the glass. Save that kind of noise for the exhaust!

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4 Bouncing hydraulic suspensions

Modified suspensions have always provided a precise way to tune a car. Lowering kits offer a sleeker feel and a tighter ride, while lift kits offer clearance and ride height. Suspensions of actions are rarely the way to go, but those bouncy suspensions are downright obnoxious!

Chevrolet Impala Lowrider 1964 green
Via: Wikimedia Commons

Popular on lowriders, the famous bouncy suspensions were initially quite interesting but have since proven to be rather silly, and reducers can’t get by fast enough! Also, what happens if a hydraulic line breaks? This is going to be an expensive repair job!

3 Ridiculous negative camber


The position of the tire is huge in performance situations. Changing the wheel camber, whether positive or negative, improves performance, but negative camber provides additional benefits. Negative camber promotes grip and handling when cornering, while reducing unnecessary wear.

Extremely inclined wheels on VW Golf

While there is an advantage to having negative camber, help is better under extreme loads, race conditions, on the track and in tight turns. These conditions are hardly what you might call everyday driving. Also, too aggressive negative camber doesn’t look cool; it looks like the axis broke!

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2 Headlights too bright / LED light bars

The light bar lights your fire

One of the most interesting changes is the headlights and light bars. Using these off road lights can be amazing, especially when the trail is dark, but those overly bright lights can be blinding on the freeway!

One of the most obnoxious mods for other drivers is the use of incredibly bright headlights or LED light bars. Use of either can hamper oncoming traffic; it’s not just odious; it’s downright dangerous. Keep the headlights cool colors and unique designs!

1 Rear axle exhaust systems

Exhaust rear axle via aFe POWER

Nothing says cheaper than a rear exhaust. These exhausts just make loud noises for no production feedback. Not only do these systems let the car perform exactly as before, they generally sound worse than going for a full cat-back system!

Real gains occur when the total investment in a performance catback system is made. These systems provide an increase in power, look and sound fantastic and are worth upgrading in virtually any car. Even though the upgrade is purely for sound, do yourself a favor and come out for the full upgrade!

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