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Anyone my age or thereabouts remembers the most popular female singing group of the 1960s. Chances are if you found yourself in what were then known as our public swimming pools, the juke- box would play one of its 12 number one hits. Stop! In the Name of Love was only one.

Of the three original Supremes, only one remains and that is singer Diana Ross. With Berry Gordy leading Detroit sound, Motown and a trio of songwriters known as Holland-Dozier-Holland, they churned out more hits than the Land O’Lakes company made butter.

I’m mentioning this 1960s superstar band today because it looks like the Supremes are making a “heckuva” comeback. Of course, the Supremes I write about don’t sing until they decide, as in court decisions. With their latest hit, aka “Roe v Wade”, these Supremes have the nation dancing in the streets à la Martha and the Vandellas!

The official decision was issued last Friday and was an affirmation of the leaked decision published by Politico nearly two months ago. Interestingly, the person responsible for the decision written by Samuel Alito has not been found. Either the Supreme Court Marshal isn’t Lt. Columbo or the potato is too hot to handle.

So far I have been light in my review of the Supreme Court’s decision on the 1973 abortion case, but the decision of the nine-member Court of that era was not a matter of laugh. Roe v Wade made abortion on demand the law of the land and in the years since, so far, over 60 million sparks of life have been extinguished.

If there ever was a blight on the nation known as the United States of America, I would say the 1973 decision was. Of course, not everyone agrees with me and that’s freedom.

The war for life has not been won and, to be honest, the five judges who made their decision did not ban abortion. They only said that it was not a “right” guaranteed in our founding Constitution, but that it was a matter to be decided by the states. People who have so vehemently raved about the court’s conservative wing seem to have missed this nuance.

There have been many decisions made by these Supremes and I want to mention another one. This was the case with the Washington State football coach. Joseph Kennedy is his name and he had lost his coaching job because of his desire to pray after games.

An examination of his situation tells us that he did not proselytize; who urges his players to pray with him. He was careful to make his prayer a private matter. There was no dressing room praying, no team chaplain leading the players in prayer. Kennedy understood that he could not “go”.

However, after the games were over, Coach Kennedy would leave alone and kneel in prayer for a while. Without his insistence, his players asked if they could join him in prayer. Innocently, he allowed this. It was a bridge too far for the school district.

They asked him to stop; maybe even demanded that he stop. Kennedy didn’t want that, and they relieved him of his beloved coaching job. That was seven years ago and hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent on legal representation all the way to the Supreme Court. Lordy, don’t the wheels of justice turn slowly.

Last Monday, the Supremes made their decision. In the year of grace 2022, Coach Kennedy’s First Amendment right to freedom of religion was affirmed. Thank God for small favors!

And thank God for five brave Supremes.


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