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In a year and a half, 4 million illegal immigrants have crossed the Mexican border into the United States. A few thousand of them have found their way to Washington, DC, and the Democratic mayor is not happy. Mayor Bowser says these immigrants were “tricked” into getting on buses bound for Washington, DC. Bowser says homeless shelters in Washington are already overcrowded. Bowser should talk to his Democratic president.

Grant W

Finally, the Biden DOJ came into being. They dropped charges against 9 people who trespassed, trespassed and walked around the capitol building for hours. It’s true, the 9 people working for Stephen Colbert had their charges dismissed. I wonder if the same thing would have happened if it was a group of Republicans. We all know the answer.


Tom M, says he voted for the “lesser of two evils”. So what was so wrong with Trump? $2.50 gas? Maybe 1.2% inflation? Record black and Hispanic unemployment? Maybe voluntary vaccinations and masks? Border wall and residency policy in Mexico? Or peace in the Middle East? Energy independence? This must be it: eliminate ISIS from the face of the planet.


How undeniably embarrassing is it to this country that out-of-touch Democratic congressmen like “socialist squad” members AOC and Omar are being arrested for illegally protesting outside the Supreme Court building? Nothing but a media operation staged for the evil baby killers. But apparently being social media celebrities is more important than passing meaningful legislation. What neither of them has ever done in their entire political career. Dems be tripp’n!


The difference between a conspiracy theory and reality is about six months.

What happened when a man was a man and a woman was a woman. Men liked to compete with other men, it’s a man thing. The women competed against other women, which made the competition fair for both genders. Now we have political correctness. Lia Thomas, who is a man and claims to be a woman, swims for Penn as a woman because he can’t beat the men. Here’s the kicker, Thomas is up for Woman of the Year.

Watch “God Bless America Again” on YouTube with Bobby Bare. This can provide a message that many sound offers could use.


Donald Trump never stopped raising funds from his supporters after the 2020 presidential race. His companies, meanwhile, continued to charge his political outfits for goods and services. As a result, he’s converted about $1.3 million of donor money into business income since losing the 2020 election. Big Businessman or World’s Best Businessman?

L Carroll

Two economists were walking. One said, “Is that a $100 bill lying around on the sidewalk? The other said, “That’s not possible. If so, someone would have picked it up.

Bill Wilson

The global economy is really a full-fledged subsidiary of the global climate, but we act as if the branch can thrive when the parent company is bankrupt. Ignoring the climate crisis to protect the economy is foolish, but there is at least one thing we humans are good at.


From columnist EJ Dionne: “Only the willfully blind will deny that the Jan. 6 special committee has now connected the dots. Trump’s lies about fraud, his baseless lawsuits, his assembling of fake voter lists and, finally, his latest use of force were all elements of an effort to let him stay in the White House despite the notice. of expulsion issued democratically by the voters. .” It’s who you are, a radical republican.


You won’t get that in the MSM, nor will you get the vaccine injury information, but it’s still true. A quick analysis of defensive gun uses in the United States shows that there have already been 370 defensive gun uses in the past year 2022 and 2479 gun uses since 2019. Therefore, when the good guys with guns outnumber the bad guys with guns, there will be far fewer criminals to contend with.

The truth must be told

Some readers think there’s too much name-calling and too many personal insults in Sound Off, but I consider that an important part of the feature’s appeal. In fact, I think it should be mandatory, with no posting unless he calls at least one other stupid contributor by name, and the more complete the insult the better. We could also start slamming each other’s mothers. It would be even more fun.


Barney, your scree about New York’s gun laws is wildly inaccurate. New York residents were not restricted from concealed carry, they had to give a valid reason for needing a concealed carry license. That’s what SCOTUS. banned. Are Freedom Fighter, The Freedom Fighter, Fox News and Newsmax sources of credible and objective information? Fitch and Wilson aren’t even that funny. Economists warned us in 2020 that increases in inflation were inevitable, regardless of the president.

David M.

Ghost Writer, your right to bear arms means flintlock rifles, not 30-round assault rifles!

Jay Miller

I wonder how many times people in Trump’s Inter circle have regretted getting involved with this corrupt man. Each of them went up in flames and ruined his political future. Historians have said it before, Trump must be listed in a separate category in future history books.

Did Pope Francis take up a page from Pius XII? Pius was aware of Nazi atrocities in 1942. While sanctuary was granted to some Italian Jews, an equal number were transported to Auschwitz with little protest. Francis, a Jesuit/socialist/globalist, mirrored Pius in his reluctance to address the persecution of Uyghurs. Why? In part, to preserve a deal that, among known features, gives China a say in the appointment of bishops. An effect ? Catholicism remains an underground religion.

Mr. Furlong

Last Wednesday’s political cartoon was perfect for those who understand that out-of-touch Democrats can’t help but tread on the landmines laid by progressives who hijacked the once honorable Democratic Party. Focus on nonsense like January 6th, LGBTQ, gun confiscation, abortion, racism, Fauci science, etc. and ignore the inflation, border crisis, gas prices, drug deaths and rampant violence and see how fast your party explodes.


We are all happy to see that Bill Wilson will take over as the local comedian. Change is difficult for some people. Jim F. is still living in that 24 cents a gallon period when everyone else has moved on. Well, Jim went from Mister Rogers to Ted Cruz and it’s not funny. Go Bill Wilson and stay strong Rufus.

left handed

Virtually every day, Kamala Harris is caught saying something completely ridiculous. She called for a ban on firearms “intentionally designed to kill”. The only guns I know of that weren’t designed to kill are squirt guns, nerf guns, and cap guns. Even BB guns can kill something. In fact, many special operators carry subsonic small arms for stealth purposes. We have to put the adults in charge.

Michael Stern

“…FOX News had the courage to show…a video…Uvalde….” So did the other networks. Was it brave because he hit the cops? Was it brave because their viewers might see it as a betrayal of the “Thin Blue Line”? I don’t see how bravery is needed to broadcast real facts. BTW, while Uvalde doesn’t get full coverage, he hasn’t “mostly disappeared from the news”. Neither will it be.

I would like all Sound Off writers to bandage their arm, left or right, for (2) days and then visit a veterans center.

night light

The word “mother” has been revered for thousands of years by a multitude of cultures. It appears in the book of Genesis where Eve is called the mother of all living. Today, the National Education Association (NEA), the nation’s largest teachers’ union, is working to replace the term “mother” with “biological parent” rather than working to improve the education of our children. It is high time for teachers to replace NEA management!

Robert Minner

Biden’s nightmarish presidency continues unhindered by sane advisers or cabinet members. The attack on the United States since Biden is relentless. Inflation is out of control, airlines are canceling thousands of flights, covid deaths are double what they were last year with covid cases an order of magnitude higher, and Biden overturns the Constitution. Meanwhile, Biden says we have a stronger economy than when Trump was president.

Ruth Whisper

Democrats are so proud of how fast the wheels of progress turn. But they don’t notice that they crashed a long time ago and their progress vehicle is upside down in a ditch.

The sly curator

Guys. I have no problem with you pretending to be a woman, but a few facts. You still cannot get pregnant; you’ll still need a prostate exam at 40, and we’ll probably have to redefine the condition known as “male” opause.

jim fitch

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