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Not just in the hours of daylight per day scenario, but in all of it (makes wild gestures about the play). Winter can look grim, and a pandemic winter in a third rotation can look downright inky. And while this month is usually all about the big revival, sometimes it’s the little burning dreams that help us get through: there may be a CSA in your future, maybe you need a career change. that places you near pine signs in a lakeside town, or maybe it’s just the promise of new drinks and better days ahead. Keep on going.


So. This week, the city’s two mayors created mandates that basically mean, starting Jan. 19, you must be vaccinated or PCR tested to eat at restaurants in Minneapolis or St. Paul. Mayor Carter said children under 5 (who are not yet eligible for the vax) are exempt from the rule. Mayor Frey, whose original rule said such children should be tested, today said they would change it to match St. Paul’s exemption. AND THEN, yesterday, the United States Supreme Court overturned Prez Biden’s vaccination mandate for workers, forcing mayors to further modify the mandate. So now diners have to be vaxed or not eat, but workers who are still under full-time mask mandates from last week, don’t have to. It is NOT confusing.

Conclusion: restaurants and workers could use your patronage to get through this disappointing crisis, whether through takeout or a vax card in hand. They’re just trying to do their best to survive, like all of us.

OBVI is the perfect time to embark on owning an entire restaurant. Let’s make it a whole supper club, in a bucolic lakeside town! The Indianhead Supper Club in lovely Lake Balsalm, WI it is for sale. Only $550,000 and knowledge of filberts required.


+ 3LECHE (or say it: tres leche) has officially launched at the Food Building. The libation lab run by the former Colita/Martina bar crew of Marco Zappia, Dustin Nguyen and Adam Witherspoon is up and running with some mad science that has, wait for it: no booze. Discover their Proxy bar popups Fridays this month to see how good it can be not to drink (and get ready for a nice long chat with these guys in the soon-to-be-released February issue!) Tickets are $25 for snacks and sips of innovative dry cocktails and drinks from more than a dozen local producers, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. every Friday in January, proof of vax required.

+ Papa Tea & Poke is now open in the former PinkU space in the Northeast. The small, woman-owned business specializing in bubble tea and Taiwanese poke bowls is offering a BOGO 50% off the entire menu this weekend to say HI.

+ Did we say that Salad killer is now open at Potluck in Rosedale? The All-Metal Salad Bar is the cold take on Josh Hedburg of Joey Meatballs. The menu features a make-your-own option, as well as signature creations like the Sota Sweety (with spinach, cranberries and sweet potatoes) or the Crispy Chicken Caesar with shaved Brussels in the mix.

+ Good to know, Ann Ahmed’s Khaluna is now open for takeout orders! Just in time to warm your gut on a snowy day.


– Huge disappointment, Mucci’s Trattoria in Uptown is shutting down. The St. Paul branch remains open and will honor gift cards. The last brunch service in Uptown will take place this weekend and the final service will be on January 29. Owner Tim Niver, and a true warrior during this pandemic, said it best: the Goonies never say die.


>> Caribbean soul food, your favorite State Fair sweet potato pie, is hoping to move to St. Paul. Sharon Richards-Noel, the gifted and moving woman behind the pie, is looking for a little help securing a spot in the Brownstones building, which will also help her implement her Elevate Youth program. Check out their funding page and put walls to this woman.

>> Billy Sushi takes it to the next level, or lower, really. Billy after dark will be the basement cocktail bar to be launched in May, under the famous North Loop sushi restaurant. With entrance from the driveway, the lower level bar will seat approximately 50 people and will offer light snacks and desserts as well as drinks. A-Rod will definitely be there.

>> Bear Cave Brewing is a swanky new brasserie setting up shop on Main Street in downtown Hopkins. Right next to the Stages Theatre, the brewery is being built from a former tire shop. It’s a sleek project with three floors, a rooftop terrace, a basement bar with drinks on tap, and a full kitchen centered around a pizza oven. They hope to open this spring, but are looking for a chef.


// The Good Acre CSA is now available for registration! How’s that for a little bump of fashion-forward happiness! Imagine, there will be a day in mid-June when you get your first box of treats on the farm, and you can’t even remember winter for all the sun on your face. They have flexible payment options available for the 18 week program which runs through October, and this year there is also a pay what you can program. Besides some 70 varieties of local produce, you receive a newsletter with tips and recipes, and there are optional extras like weekly eggs or a slice of mushrooms. Remember stocks are selling, so act fast if you think this is your year, or check out other CSA options from different farms.

// Clowns are from the circus, barking is from dogs, eggs are from a chicken, and log cabins are from logs, but where, where do they make balloons? At Balloon shop, darling, of course. Tickets are on sale now for Experimental Cocktails, run by Mr. Paul’s Po’Boys & Jams boutique, during which Nick Kosevich can perform magic and mayhem with soft drinks and food. The entire space only seats 10 people, so expect them to sell out quickly, as this weekend’s event did. Your $180 (including tax and tip) gets you a seven-course cocktail circus with wine pairings that should be anything but boring. Shout out to the Johns for the front row.

// If your secret trick to getting through the winter involves an extra hot cup of tea to slip into, you might want to join a Cupping with CJ at The Get Down Coffee Co. In this small group session, you will learn from the Cafe Manager, CJ, talking about different coffees, flavor ranges from different origins, and the entire professional process. Only $25, it lands the third Wednesday of every month and vax proof is required.

// It’s beer-pokin’ szn. See you Saturday at the newly renovated and relaunched Northbound Smokehouse for the Eisbock sting party in which you get your beer stabbed with a hot poker and it makes it better. In fact, there’s a lot you might want to stab with a hot poker to make it all better, but let’s stick with the beer. They will release a few more beers that day, Wampa and Helles Frozen Over as well as the Eisbock. The sting begins at noon and lasts until sunset.

// The CDC now recommends that you laugh at yourself. Buy a $22 ticket for Sunday Canned Laughs Stand-Up Comedy event at the Bau Haus, and get a few pats on the knee in between sips of your pint.

// Earn a punch in your MN map this Sunday by running through the Coldest day of the year 2022. Saddle up to support the good efforts of Dabbler & Friends (who do great work supporting communities in need) while cycling between four different breweries who are happy to see you and thaw those mustaches. The $5 Rider Manifest gets you $2 off taps and crowlers at participating local breweries, and it’s an afternoon to go with your flow.

// Get tickets for January 25 Lift + dinner beer Eat which is basically seven tapas dishes from Minnesota. Hotdish is a course. A Swedish meatball stuffed Juicy Sven is a dish. All come with an LB beer and a lesson in how to fuse zippers.


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