Targa Monte Carlo SS teases something special under the hood


The digital rendering imagines a radical version of this sporty 2-door.

General Motors’ G-body cars are good examples from the 1980s. Digital artist @jlord8 on Instagram is resurrecting a version of these treasures in the form of a reworked Chevy Monte Carlo SS. It’s anything but stock, thanks to the wonders of computer magic.

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G-Bodies and the Monte Carlo SS

G-body cars from the Reagan administration era include gems such as the Buick GNX and the Buick Grand National. More mundane offerings – the Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme and Pontiac Grand Prix – are at the opposite end of the spectrum. In the middle of this range is the Monte Carlo with its SS variant. While the plain-Jane Monte was nothing fancy, a reworked body and 305-cubic-inch V-8 helped the SS stand out from its brethren.

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A Monte Carlo SS and more

Jlord8 starts with an SS of unknown model year (they all mostly looked the same during the 1983-1988 run) and adds some noticeable, understated touches. For starters, the Targa roof is eye-catching. It’s not the optional factory glass roof setup that first appeared in the 1985 SS, but an arrangement that wouldn’t pass the safety engineers mark (there’s no crossbar like with the T-shaped roof). Still, it’s fantasy, so why should reality get in the way?

The artist gets points for opting for a medium metallic blue paint job over the white or black exteriors common among today’s for-sale listings. The color also helps bring out the exaggerated wheel arches. This, in turn, provides welcome openings for aftermarket ten-spoke rims.

The next step is the unique grille. Here, the egg crate design is replaced with a honeycomb pattern. Less noticeable is the enlarged rear spoiler, a deleted single turn indicator in front of the front wheel and an additional lip at the bottom of the lower front fascia.

The creator teases us with a “little extra thing under the hood” comment. But, we are left without any details on the powertrain, so we will have to use our imagination. The stock 3.5 cubic inch V8 never exceeded 180 horsepower. An Edelbrock manifold or a new exhaust system might help matters. Maybe the hood cutout makes room for a swapped LS3 engine. It’s a new 6.2-liter small-block V8 with 430 ponies. That would definitely change things for this Monte. You might even dream of pushing a big block 454 here.

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