State Supreme Court to hear Inslee emergency powers case


According to sources, the WA State Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case brought against the state, namely Governor Inslee’s emergency powers. The case is Gonzales, et al. vs. Jay Inslee and Wash.

Case argues he may have breached constitutional protections

According to Jason Mercier of the Washington Policy Center (WPC), the case argues the following (from a statement from the Washington State Business Properties Association):

“In the Gonzalez case, the Washington Business Properties Association argues that emergency proclamations issued by Inslee at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic eroded fundamental constitutional rights. The main points of the lawsuit are that the governor does not have the authority to issue proclamations 20-19 through 20-19.4, and they:

· Create a problem of “delegation” and “separation of powers”;

· Interfering with the power of the judiciary and the rights to petition for the redress of grievances;

· Violating the Levy Clause of the State Constitution; and

Alters contracts;”

According to Mercier, a date of February 23, 2023 has been set for oral arguments in this case. It’s not yet clear what cure or outcome the lawsuit specifically seeks.

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