Son buys his mother’s car after decades of research – found priceless things inside


A man spent years looking for his mother’s old car. When he finally found it, something unexpected happened. He discovered some of his objects still inside the glove box!

This year John Berry shared the remarkable story of his mother’s car. He had only fond memories of her driving the lime green Cutlass Supreme.

In particular, he remembered seeing her take the convertible for a ride wearing a pair of sunglasses and a scarf. This image has remained with him, especially after the death of his mother when he was only fifteen.

I started to wonder about the car

While Berry was not interested in his car at the time, that changed over time. His father sold the car five years after his mother’s death. When Berry grew up he began to wonder about the vehicle.

The Kentucky resident couldn’t wait to see him again. Berry hoped he could see the fond memories of the car again. However, finding the vehicle was not easy. The vehicle, purchased in 1971, had come a long way from where he lived.


When Berry finally found the new owner, he ran into another obstacle. The man who owned the vehicle lived in Traverse City, Michigan, and had no desire to sell it.

Sadly, it will be another 22 years before Berry’s dream of owning his mother’s car becomes possible. The 81-year-old finally reached out to Berry and said he would have many more years to enjoy the car.


The news took Berry by surprise, and he couldn’t believe he was finally going to see his mother’s classic car again. Berry immediately felt a connection with his mother when he laid eyes on the green vehicle.

However, there was another surprise to come. As Berry walked around the car, he began to browse the various compartments of the car and the glove box.

Inside the glove box, he saw something that left him speechless. Some of the items belonged to her mother and had somehow remained in the vintage car since her death.

He saw his mother’s beloved sunglasses, a pair of earrings, and some stamps and cards. The articles brought feelings of longing to Berry, and he couldn’t believe his eyes. One of the cards even had handwritten notes taken by his mother.


Berry’s children were also allowed to explore the car their grandmother once owned. In a video shared online, kids have big smiles on their faces as they sit in the leather seats.

The car was also in immaculate condition. It seemed like its previous owners had taken great care of the vehicle, and now it was finally time for Berry to enjoy the special thing that reminded him of his mother.


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