Snoop Dogg gives a tour of another cool trick, a Supreme Cutlass


Snoop Dogg likes to be as cold as possible and enjoy life. He has recently found a particular liking for vintage cars and he can’t help but do a lot of updates on them.

Apparently a fan of General Motors and Chevrolet cars, he shared several photos of his rides, including a beautiful mint colored Bel Air, and he seemed incredibly proud of them. However, he soon learned that speed and rain didn’t mix, after crashing his vehicle, damaging its rim and scratching its right front door.

But don’t worry, because Snoop Dogg’s garage has more vintage cars than that. For his birthday, he presented a ’68 Mercury Cougar, which seemed to stray from his loyalty to GM.

His last ride, however, a 1980 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, puts the rapper and actor back on track. The fourth-generation vehicle has had a few tweaks, of course, to stay on the mark.

Working with StichedBySlick for updates, Snoop’s vehicle has undergone a brown-tan interior makeover to match its green-brown exterior color. In the video shared by the autoshop, we see that the leather seats have been completely updated, now wrapped in brown leather. There is also a Forgiato gold steering wheel. But let’s not forget Snoop’s love for music, which also featured a new sound system with the Def Jams Recordings logo that seemed to glow in the dark. You can check out the craftsmanship it took to achieve this in the attached video.

Snoop’s name appears inside the front doors, along with his label logo.

The exterior has also undergone a makeover. The car now sports gold Forgiato wheels (yes, they match the steering wheel!). But the green-brown exterior paint has more in store than you might think. As Snoop walks around the Oldsmobile, he notes that “it changes color right in front of your eyes”And as it moves you can see that it has an almost crimson color, based on the variation of light, with the slightest shimmer.

Under the hood of Snoop’s vehicle, there should be a 5.0-liter V8 engine, mated to a three-speed automatic transmission. In stock, it develops 155 horsepower (157 ps). However, there is no information regarding a possible engine upgrade.

It’s impossible to guess which vintage car Snoop Dogg will add to his collection in the future, but I have a hunch his choice will be as surprising as it gets. And, despite owning several modern cars, let Snoop give a modern twist to any vehicle he buys.


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