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In keeping with a long-standing tradition, I waited until Twelfth Night, which was Thursday, January 6, to purchase my first royal cake.

They were available earlier, but no advance purchase for me, no break with old Mardi Gras ways.

Besides, I ate the last of our Christmas cookies on January 5th …

Southern punctuation

Sara Lemon, of Baton Rouge, said: “Last week, as I was deciding where some friends and I would meet for lunch, I texted them, ‘Let me know where. The decision of you all will be fine with me! “

“I looked at ‘you all’ with two single quotes and thought to myself, ‘I have to find a better way to say it next time.

“I think my Mississippi roots are showing! “


Donald Landaiche of Donaldsonville says, “Many years ago my brother-in-law convinced me to run a 5K race at Fairmont Park in Philadelphia.

“We were in our early twenties, and it seemed like a good idea, so I accepted.

“The race started and we were doing pretty well at the start. About a mile into the race we had both pooped, so we decided to sit on a sidewalk for a short while.

“Came a little old man in his 80s, running quite regularly. When he saw us sit down he said, “Come on, guys, you’ll never make it! “

“He made us feel pretty stupid so we got up and finished the race.

“It was my last 5K, I’m going to keep walking.”

Double problem

Barry Dufour, from Carencro, said: “Reading the last article about unlocking the wrong car it reminded me of a case I had while parked in Grand Forks, North Dakota. .

“On Pay Fridays, my wife would accompany me to the base, 20 miles out of town. That afternoon, she was driving back to meet me so we could go to the police station to do our shopping.

“One winter day, with temperatures around 20 degrees, with a strong wind, she came to the office and said that she had locked her purse in the car with her keys inside.

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“I gave her my keys. She did her shopping – and also locked my keys inside the car.

“Fortunately, the Cutlass Supreme did not have a door-side top window frame, so I could easily remove it with a hanger to unlock the door.”

Special Persons Department

  • JB Smiley of Pride celebrates his 97th birthday on Friday January 7th.
  • Frank and Rosie Young of Baton Rouge celebrated their 71st birthday on December 31. They got married in Arnaudville.
  • Jimmie and Julia Larriviere Billeaud, from Broussard, celebrate 67 years of marriage on Saturday January 8.
  • Harvey’s Herman and June Carbo celebrate their 57th birthday on Sunday, January 9.
  • Brett and Donna Mellington of Lafayette celebrate their 50th birthday on Friday January 7th.
  • Gasper and Denise Chifici, from Geismar, celebrate their 50th anniversary on Saturday January 8th.

Many hands

Here is some data from our unpaid statistician, Harvey Pashibin, of Upper Lafayette:

“The United States House of Representatives has 439 members. Guess how many employees in total? That’s 10,503… an astonishing 24 employees for each rep.

“The US Senate, made up of 100 members, has 6,831 employees … an average of 68 per senator.

“So the next time you’re driving down a road in your neighborhood and you see a maintenance crew – one with a shovel in hand in the pit, the other four are ‘overseeing’ above – just say to yourself : “Things could be worse; at least those five people end up building something. ‘”

Together again

Yogi Naquin, from Bayou Blue, tells this story:

“Three friends from Down da Bayou have been stranded on a desert island for years.

“One day they found a bottle with a genie in it. They rubbed it and the genie appeared. He said he would grant everyone a wish.

“The first guy said, ‘I want to go home to Grand Isle.’ There was a ‘Poof!’ and he was gone.

“The next guy said, ‘I want to go home to Cocodrie.’ There was a ‘Poof!’ Same thing.

“The last guy, left alone, said to the genie: ‘I would like to get my two podnas back …’

“Pouf! “

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