Product Review: Grillo’s Pickle De Gallo & Pickle Spears


It’s no secret that we’re big pickle fans. A friend told me about Grillo’s pickles, knowing that I would give them a try.

The company has a cool history; they began in 2008 selling pickles from the trunk of a two-tone 1984 Supreme Cutlass at local events and markets in Connecticut and Massachusetts. The recipe was based on the owner’s grandfather’s 100 year old pickle recipe.

Over the years, they started selling a pickle cart in Boston, got accepted into Fenway Park, went viral thanks to Joe Rogan, signed a deal with Target, and continued to grow.

My first experience with Grillo’s was their pickle spears. I took a 32oz. container from Target for $6.99; I shared them with my family, who immediately loved them. They were crunchy and had the perfect classic dill taste. It was everything we wanted from a pickle. We released the first container in less than a week and purchased another soon after.

Grillo's Pickle De Gallo

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Then we came across a TikTok video showing off their Pickle de Gallo product. We love pico de gallo, and Pickle de Gallo sounded like a no-brainer. I’m surprised I’ve never seen it before, because it made total sense. Target was also carrying this product for $4.99.

Grillo's Pickle De Gallo

I loved the pickle spears, but Gallo’s Pickle might have been better. We had the chunky chunky version of the pickle salsa. They pair well with Tostito’s Scoops. One container only lasted us two days; could have been one if we wanted to. The cucumbers, brine, yellow onion, red pepper, jalapeno peppers, garlic, and habanero peppers were magical. There was a bit of heat in every bite.

It would have been great on a hot dog, on a burger, in a taco, maybe even a peanut butter and jelly sandwich if we lived on the edge.

Grillo's Pickle De Gallo

Grillo's Pickle De Gallo

Last time I went through Target to get another container, they were sold out. So if you can find them, get them. This product is a must for any pickle lover.

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