Old Bedford Village welcomes EPA Administrator


If you’re from the New Bedford area, chances are you’ve heard of Old Bedford Village, but in all likelihood you can’t put it on a map.

Buddy Andrade, the executive in charge of Old Bedford Village, clarified what exactly constitutes Old Bedford Village.

“It’s the South End, Bay Village and the neighborhood around Verdean Gardens which is bordered by County and Walnut Streets on the west side, and the Acushnet River,” he said. “We adopted the name in 1997 to emphasize the historical and architectural significance of the area which was settled by Native Americans and English colonizers.”

On Tuesday, May 10 at 2 p.m., Old Bedford Village will host Dr. David Cash, Regional Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 1, for a 20-minute meet and greet at 163 Walnut Street, Verdean Gardens in the Cruz management office, followed by a walking tour.

“We have brownfields all over the city, and we hope to show Dr. Cash how this once historic area was abandoned,” Andrade said. “Hopefully we will convince the EPA that we need their support to revitalize the Morse Cutting Tools site.”

Andrade hopes the general public will participate in the meet-and-greet and walking tour, but also in particular, he would like to see representatives from Parallel Products, Hands Across the River and the toxic Parker Street site attend.

“We will walk through the South Central Environmental Justice neighborhood from 163 Walnut Street to Wing Street and visit the brownfield site of the former Morse Cutting Tools property,” he said.

Then tomorrow night at 7 p.m., New Bedford City Council plans to recognize Old Bedford Village for 25 years of public service.

“The Minority Action Committee got us started in 1997. Today, we serve our community as a citywide environmental justice and health organization for brownfield revitalization, by focusing on the Morse site,” Andrade said. “Our goal is to renew the site, and tomorrow’s visit is hopefully one more step towards achieving that goal.”

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