New York State Funeral Home Buried Wrong Person?


When a loved one passes away, you give your local funeral home your trust (and probably a lot of money) to be treated with the utmost respect and dignity. But did a funeral home bury someone who was not a relative of the family who organized the service? One family said the person buried at a New York state funeral home was not their mother’s. Now they are suing the funeral home and its manager for millions. What exactly happened here?

NBC says that Sadie Williams died in August 2021. The family’s attorney said in a statement that the deceased’s 11 children have already made arrangements with the Queens funeral home. The lawyer says one of the girls went to see her mother’s body after her death, but saw that the body on display was not her mother’s. They accuse the funeral home of saying this was the case and that the reason for the difference in appearance was due to the embalming process.

The family allege that the funeral home and the director knew it was not the mother’s body they were burying, but he did so anyway. The family alleged that the funeral home even called the next day and said the body buried was not their mother’s. The New York State Supreme Court lawsuit asks for $ 88 million.

In other news, we go from an alleged case of mistaken identity to someone claiming to be dead when they were not at all. You might remember this story from 2020. ABC7 Reports that it all started when a 25-year-old New Yorker was convicted in October 2019 of possession of a stolen Lexus and attempted robbery of a truck. Prosecutors say he wanted to avoid the one-year jail sentence, so he left the state and tried to convince everyone that he had committed suicide. Authorities say he even had a fake death certificate to try to prove it.

What happened? Prosecutors say on the certificate, which was believed to be from the New Jersey Department of Health, Vital Statistics and Registry, the word registry was spelled “Register”. Well, that plan quickly fell apart.

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