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India could be banned by FIFA if previously agreed deadlines are not met by AIFF

Panaji: The Committee of Administrators (CoA) has told FIFA that it is in line with the roadmap and will in fact have a democratically elected body for the Indian Football Federation (AIFF) long before the date limit set by world football’s governing body.
FIFA had on Friday sought clarification from the AIFF on last week’s Supreme Court order which added players to the general voting body and set the wheels in motion for the elections. FIFA said it was told the supreme court hearing “resulted in deviations” from the roadmap.
“We can understand that it has been made to appear that there has been a failure to adhere to the guidelines you have established, but we regret to say that the correct position may not have been placed before you by the one who gave you the information regarding the hearing,” the CoA said in its letter to FIFA-AFC, a copy of which is with YOU.
The three-member CoA, headed by retired SC Judge Anil Dave, former Chief Electoral Commissioner Dr SY Qureshi and former India captain Bhaskar Ganguly, chose to write directly to the FIFA for the first time.
The FIFA-AFC letter was addressed to AIFF Acting General Secretary Sunando Dhar on Friday.
“The Supreme Court order of 03.08.2022 records the timetable for the conduct of the elections and shows that the results would be announced by the end of this month. Thus, a new independent executive committee will be set up on 01.09.2022, and it is with it that you will interact.
“Members of the AIFF (state associations) have no concerns about this process and timelines, and nothing of the sort has been referred to either the Supreme Court or the undersigned,” the CoA said.
The Supreme Court had in its order noted that the CoA “must be informed of the decision of the elected body”, prompting FIFA to remind India of its obligation to manage its affairs independently and to ensure that its own affairs are not influenced by any third party.
The CoA has now clarified that there will be no interference.
“The new Executive Committee thus elected will function independently and will not be supervised by the undersigned. In full accordance with your wishes, no new members have been added to the AIFF, although a players’ association within the meaning of the FIFA Statutes is proposed,” the letter reads.
All correspondence with FIFA has been taken to the Supreme Court and the issue related to the hosting of the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup has been treated with the utmost seriousness by both the Indian government and the highest judicial authority in the country, the administrators noted. .
“Your constant concern about the democratic structure is very much shared by us, and it is an issue on which the highest institutions of this country give their respect. Indian football has a small group of critics who seek to serve themselves to the detriment of the sport and its players who are dear to all of us,” CoA said.
The directors also referred to the letter from former AIFF President and current FIFA Council member Praful Patel to FIFA President Gianni Infantino, suggesting that a suspension is likely as FIFA -AFC would treat the Supreme Court’s intervention as third-party involvement.
“It might not be appropriate for someone who has enjoyed the presidency of Indian football for over 16 years without any term limits or other checks to suggest that the federation be suspended simply because they have been removed from office. her duties which she had unlawfully performed. In fact, third-party interference would now take place if the members’ desire to have court deadlines honored were not met,” CoA said.


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