More heavy bikes on the highway, says SC


The Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan has banned the entry of heavy bikes on the country’s highways. The High Court overturned a four-year-old high court judgment that allowed cyclists to ride on the highways.

In its judgment, SC noted that government authorities legitimately restricted motorcyclists on these roads to ensure public safety. A three-member bench headed by Justice Sardar Tariq Masood has upheld an appeal filed by the Inspector General of the National Highways and Highways Police (NHMP) and the Ministry of Communication against the verdict of the Islamabad High Court ( IHC) four years old. In its order, IHC directed a better standard operating procedure (SOP) for cycling on the highway.

In its nine-page verdict, the High Court said the motorway restriction imposed on motorbikes under section 45 of the National Road Safety Ordinance (NHSO) 2000 was lawful and could not be construed as a violation of a fundamental right to life or liberty.

According to the SC verdict, the government may prohibit or restrict the driving of motor vehicles or any type of designated motor vehicle in a specific area or on a specific route for the safety or convenience of the general public.

2018 Highway Heavy Bike Verdict

According to the IHC verdict in 2018, motorcyclists had to fully comply with the conditions described below:

  • No driver under the age of 30 will be allowed to drive a motorcycle on the highway.
  • Motorcycle rides will only be permitted during daylight hours.
  • Visible reflectors must be displayed on the rear of a motorcycle.
  • The motorcycle will carry a single rider.
  • Only motorcycles over 600 cc will be allowed on the motorway.
  • The motorcycle must bear a valid license plate.
  • The rider must have a valid driver’s license.
  • Appropriate safety equipment according to international standards.
  • The maximum speed limit will be 100 km/h.

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