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Canadian comedian and television host Howie Mandel66, has made a name for himself as the host of Agree or disagree in the early 2000s (and as host and executive producer of the rebooted series). Now he is credited with serving as a judge on America’s Got Talent. Although he is known to keep his private life a secret, he added personal details about his life with his wife of 40 years, terry mandelsometimes in interviews.

By appearing on Live! With Kelly and Ryan in 2019, he joked that his “lovely wife” was not the same person he once knew. “Now she’s in love with bradley cooper and not me,” he joked after an image of her with the actor appeared on the talk show screen. So who is Terry Mandel? Keep reading to find out.

Howie MandelTerry Mandel
Terry Mandel and Howie Mandel have known each other for most of their lives (Photo: Matt Sayles/AP/Shutterstock)

Terry is a television producer who has largely stayed out of the spotlight. She and Howie have known each other since they were kids but didn’t start dating until high school. “We went to the movies in my mom’s Cutlass Supreme. The car hit a patch of ice and ended up lurching sideways before falling on four wheels,” he recalls their first date with The Wall Street Journal in 2018. They married on March 16, 1980 and have since welcomed three children together: Jackelyn Shultz, alexander mandeland Riley Mandel.

Terry has been a huge supporter of Howie and his career. In fact, he once admitted that he only took Agree or disagree job because of his wife. “In 2005, when I was asked to do a game show, there were no comics hosting game shows. And I said no three times. My wife told me to take the deal and I accepted the deal,” he said. The Gazette in 2018.

Howie Mandel and Terry Mandel
Terry supports Howie at his Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony in 2008 (Photo: Jim Ruymen/UPI/Shutterstock)

And although she’s now apparently in love with a completely different man, Howie has revealed one of her qualities that makes her attractive to him: her sense of humor. “She made me laugh. It was wonderful to meet a witty woman,” he said. Good Housekeeping in 2009. “To spend your life with someone who doesn’t have that would not be acceptable.” He also revealed that neither of them like working in the kitchen and therefore “eating out every night”.

However, something Terry loves is animals. In fact, Howie Told Kelly Clarkson on her talk show in 2020 that his wife likes “any kind of animal”, so to surprise her for her birthday, he once rented an elephant for her and brought it to their home. Unfortunately, it didn’t go well. He revealed that his wife got bored in 30 minutes and the elephant caused $45.00 in damage to their property. I hope it’s a story they can laugh about together now!


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