Marvel Comics Proves Doctor Strange’s Mordo Was Right


In the 2016 film Doctor Strange, Baron Mordo thought there were too many wizards, and Doctor Strange’s recent death proves him right.

Warning: contains spoilers for The Death of Doctor Strange: Bloodstone #1!

Marvel has just confirmed that Baron Mordo, one of At Doctor Strange great enemies, was right about wizards. In The Death of Doctor Strange: Bloodstone #1Elsa and Cullen Bloodstone learn they have a long-lost brother, one with a grudge against all wizards and magic users – and when the Bloodstones dig deeper, they learn she has a valid point.

Cinema audiences first encountered Doctor Strange in his 2016 film, starring Baron Carl Mordo. While Mordo started out as Strange’s friend, he quickly became jealous of how easily Strange got into magic. In the film’s final post-credits scene, Mordo attacked another magic user, stripping him of his powers. As the former wizard lay on the ground dying, Mordo declared that there were too many wizards and he was going to start eliminating them. While that’s an obvious setup for this year’s follow-up, it also gave some fascinating insight into Mordo’s character and motivations. Recently, the Doctor Strange comic was seemingly killed off, and in the absence of a Sorcerer Supreme, Earth has fallen prey to many magical threats. Entities long banished to other realms return. One of them is Lyra Bloodstone, the long-lost sister of monster hunter Elsa Bloodstone, whose attitude towards wizards mirrors that of Mordo. The issue is written by Tini Howard, illustrated by Ig Guara, colored by Dijjo Lima and lettered by Joe Caramagna.


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Lyra Bloodstone has returned to her father and meets her siblings Elsa and Cullen. She tells her story: born more than a thousand years ago to Odysseus, the father of Elsa and Cullen, she was banished to another kingdom as a “sacrifice”. She was imprisoned in this realm for many years, being constantly held by the one who was the Sorcerer Supreme; when Doctor Strange died, she was freed and came to Earth. She goes on to reveal that the wizards who held her captive fed her magic items and never inquired about her status. Readers learn that thanks to the Nullgem, Lyra can “eat” magic, which explains why she was imprisoned.

At the end of the issue, Elsa reveals that she will have questions for the Sorcerer Supreme if they return – and that she would be within her rights. Although this issue is the first time readers have met Lyra, there’s no indication that she’s a bad person – if anything, she seems quite eager to meet (and help) her new siblings Elsa. and Cullen. With that in mind, his millennia-long banishment was a cruel act on the part of his father as well as subsequent Sorcerer Supremes, such as Doctor Strange.

Strange and the other Sorcerer Supremes seemingly proved Mordo’s point for him. There are plenty of wizards in the Marvel Universe, and some of them commit acts that make no sense, like imprisoning an innocent girl for thousands of years, never asking why she’s being held. Mordo also felt that wizards had become too steeped in rules and ceremony, mindlessly following laws laid down thousands of years before their birth. As seen in this issue, Doctor Strange is complicit in this – and if he returns, he will have to answer for what he did.

There may be more to Lyra Bloodstone than fans realize, and strange doctor knows something about his readers don’t know. Either way, his imprisonment proves that Baron Mordo was right about wizards in the Marvel Universe.

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