Lose $300,000 advising SCOTUS on ethical rules they are allowed to ignore? SIGN ME UP!


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Government jobs pay terribly. But combining a paltry salary with an unnecessary limit task for a toxic institution?

This is the proposition that the Supreme Court of the United States dangles before a lawyer with “a minimum of seven years of practice”. Shit, they don’t even need that to get a lifetime appointment ruling the CDC is illegal. Some aspiring senior – or PLUS – associates can trade the sweet half million or so (after bonuses) they could earn in the private market during this booming compensation era for be Deputy Legal Counsel of the Supreme Court for $148,484 – $176,300 per year.

But do not worry :

The position does not involve working with judges on Court opinions.

So no salary AND not doing the task with a non-monetary fee? But wait there is more!

You could also provide legal services to the Court on “ethics and compliance”, the set of professional obligations that the Supreme Court notoriously has no need to follow!

The post also gives advice on ‘police and security matters’, so maybe you could spend some time spinning your wheels trying to figure out who leaked the Dobbs opinion? It might be quite the feather in your professional cap to declare that you played the fiddle while the Republic burned. Huzah!

The job title still bears the words “Supreme Court“, which offers enough prestige prostitute power to secure a multitude of applications. But seriously, why? Money isn’t everything but giving several hundred thousand dollars a year to say “I worked for the Supreme Court…what?…no, I don’t do THAT job for the Supreme Court”?

Not exactly an exciting prospect.

Supreme Court seeks lawyer: no investigative experience required [Bloomberg Law]

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