Guns used in Yakima crimes are stolen from your car


With so many gang-related shootings reported in Yakima this year, where do all the guns come from? Yakima police say the majority of guns are stolen from the streets of Yakima.

If you carry a firearm, lock it in the glove box before leaving your vehicle

Earlier this year, the Yakima Police Department created a social media video asking for your help in reducing serious crime by locking your guns whether you are at home or in your vehicle. Making sure your gun is locked in your vehicle is vitally important, according to police, as they say 50% of all guns stolen in Yakima come from lurking vehicles. Authorities say the guns are then used on the streets in many serious crimes, including gang-related shootings.

Don’t just place your gun under your seat if you can’t take it with you

So if you own a gun, what can you do?
The department is asking the people of Yakima to partner with them and help tackle the stolen gun problem by locking your guns while in your vehicle. They sometimes say people will put a gun under a seat or in an unlocked glove box if they can’t carry the gun. Police say this is how thieves get guns. They say if you find yourself in this situation always lock your gun in the glove box or install a safe or gun safe in your vehicle. Police say that by doing this, you can partner with the police department and help them tackle serious gun crime in Yakima, including gang related crime.

Thousands of guns are stolen every year

According to Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) data, during the four-year period from 2012 to 2015, nearly half a billion dollars in guns were stolen from individuals nationwide. , for an estimated amount of 1.2 million weapons. Twenty-two thousand guns were stolen from gun stores during this same period. A gun is stolen in the United States every two minutes.

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