General Motors of Michigan is no longer King of the Hill in the United States


I am sorry to report that according to the data General Motors (GM) has been replaced as the King of Hill vehicle sales in the United States.

Who is the new King of the Hill?

Toyota Motor North America.

According to report by the Detroit News Toyota, a Japanese automaker, has sold more than 2.3 million vehicles with General Motors selling more than 2.2 million vehicles. When you look at the numbers in detail, Toyota has sold about 114,000 more than GM.

A vehicle information website,, said GM had sold more vehicles than Toyota since 1991.

Jessica Caldwell, Executive Director of Insights at Edmunds, said:

“It seems oddly fitting that 2021, already an extraordinarily unusual year for the auto industry, is crowned with the loss of General Motors by another automaker for the first time in decades… There is no doubt that it will be. is a remarkable achievement for Toyota. , but that’s probably not a sign of long-term change: GM has the advantage of having more brands and products that consumers can choose from, namely large trucks and SUVs, which don’t ‘have only grown in popularity over the years. “

Could this be due to the very strange business climate of the past year?

We will see.

General Motors and Ford must now improve their game to reclaim this King of the Hill place.


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