Foreign Funding Case and Equal Opportunity


After eight years in the Electoral Commission, the decision of the foreign funding case has finally been pronounced. The main reasons for this delay are known reasons why the term “unknown reasons” is preferable. But alongside these reasons, a reason was also included: during this case, PTI’s lawyers filed forty times requests to adjourn the case and seven times challenged its opinions in the High Court of Islamabad. . But what happened to every goat’s mother happened one day. So in this case too, the mother goat is now under the knife, and the knife is in the hands of the same PDM that the mother goat has been calling corrupt for years. When the decision came, Shah Mehmood Qureshi waited for six to eight hours for Imran Khan, who repeatedly referred to Western political values, to step down according to Western political traditions, but when he saw that there was no movement, he made the statement “captain of Alhamdulillah”. The whole community continued to chant this morning that the decision is good news for us. But when they read the decision, they took a stance in the evening, “God willing, they will challenge the decision in court” as if challenging why the captain was in the act.

Although the whole “Uthwada” also hope that the “Bandial Express” will come to their rescue and the same idea is perceived as a fear among the sympathizers of the PDM. We ourselves do not deny this possibility. But politics is a game of possibilities, so there is another possibility that cannot be ignored. It is a known fact that Imran Khan and his bosses initially disagreed over why Usman Buzdar was appointed Chief Minister of Punjab. During almost the entire tenure of Imran Khan, pressure was exerted on him to depose Usman Buzdar and make Pervaiz Elahi the Chief Minister of Punjab under the agreed program. But Khan Usman Buzdar remained adamant on the decision and succumbed to this pressure only at the last moment.

Meanwhile, water has been allowed to flow under bridges as long as the tradition of keeping a prime minister in power has continued for years. At the end of that three-year period, the same game began as it does in any prime minister’s third year. PDM had already created the environment for this. Thus, Imran Khan was also placed in the same line of prime ministers who could only rule for three and a half years. So, the political scenario of today’s story is that the prime minister was also impeached amidst tradition. With this move, PDM was also tamed, and with the same move, Parvez Elahi’s path was also removed.

The PDM government is not a choice but a constraint of the establishment. Thus, his lesser control over power is in the broader interests of the establishment itself. Because the current leadership of the establishment is still a victim of the fear that it has come between two wheels. One is PDM and the other is PTI. So it looks like the two were given some power and kept too weak to grind the establishment together. What must be understood is that the recent decision of the three members of the Supreme Court to overthrow the government of Hamza Shehbaz seems to be in favor of the PTI. But it remains to be proven that this decision was actually rendered in favor of PTI. As a result of the Supreme Court’s decision, Pervaiz Elahi became the Chief Minister of Punjab, of which Imran Khan by no means accepted the post of Chief Minister. And making him chief minister was the first wish of the establishment. The wish of the establishment has therefore been granted. Thus, the decision of the Supreme Court is not Imran Khan but the decision in favor of the establishment is seen. Is it really so? We will know when Imran Khan gives any direction to Pervaiz Elahi that goes against the intention of the establishment. If Pervaiz Elahi were hesitant to admit it, it would be clear that the moment Imran Khan is told to “move his hand, he has a camera in front of him” will prove that the complex political farce in Punjab is about to happen. Not with MK but with PTI. In that case, what will Khan do the most? This means that Pervez will withdraw his support for Elahi. So what does it matter? Pervez Elahi will move to PDM.

Currently, the situation is that General Bajwa wants to organize elections before his retirement. There are reports that he wants to retire after holding free and fair elections so that the stain of 2018 can be washed away. In this regard, the situation is satisfactory for them because they know that the PML-N cannot cause problems by coming to power with a large majority in free and fair elections. On the contrary, it is expected that the next government will also be a coalition government of the PDM. A coalition government is the main political aspiration of the establishment. For overthrowing such a government at any time is their left hand game. A phone call to a small party will do.

The PTI wants to use this desire of General Bajwa in its favour. He wants that when early elections are announced on the will of General Bajwa, it is given the impression that these early elections are the result of the pressure of the PTI, so it is the victory of Imran Khan. But the problem here is that the position of the N-League is that if Nawaz Sharif cannot campaign on behalf of the party in the next election, it will no longer be a free and fair election. Freedom and fairness can only exist when all parties have equal opportunities. Nawaz Sharif’s way back must therefore be open. It looks like the N-League’s wish is coming true but in a completely different way. According to the N-League, the equal opportunity situation is that Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan are on the pitch. But Nawaz Sharif’s return may also be a wake-up call for the establishment, so maybe instead of Nawaz Sharif’s return, it was decided to kick Imran Khan off the pitch to create “equality chance”. A possible end result of the foreign funding deal could also be this. Although we think this is a guess, the reality will become clear in the next few days!

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