Ford’s newly previewed headlights take projection to a futuristic new level


When it comes to driving technology and improving car safety, some pretty exciting and futuristic features are on the horizon. Just a few decades ago, consumers relied solely on seat belts and airbags. Fast forward to today’s latest models, and there are surround cameras, automatic braking and blind-spot monitoring sensors to keep drivers safe.

Ford is previewing some of its latest technologies. With its latest innovation, the blue oval automaker takes head-up display technology to a whole new level. Ford’s premiere headlights use projection technology and can show drivers all kinds of driving information. It’s revolutionary in improving automotive safety for the driver and everyone on the road.

Heads-up displays have certainly come a long way

Can you believe head-up display technology has been around since 1988? It aimed to improve driving dynamics by providing key information as a projection in the driver’s field of vision. Motor1 shared that it was the Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme that came with the HUD first, and it soon paved the way for other brands. The Lexus LS came later, with a wide 24-inch projection screen. Further improvements, including sharper images and even more information to display, are being previewed today.

More recently, Ford has been working on its own HUD variant. Ford talks about “high resolution” headlights, but there’s more. These new headlights will also project critical driver information directly onto the road.

Ford introduces new projection headlight technology

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Ford vehicles may soon be equipped with these new “high resolution” headlights. Ford describes the technology as more than just a feature to light the road. Linked to the head-up display, the technology will project upcoming traffic signs, directions and speed limits onto the oncoming road.

Since these headlight projections display on the road in front of you, they will be directly in the driver’s field of vision. Drivers will be alerted when signs and speed limits might otherwise not be clearly visible. This innovation aims to improve automotive safety, not only for the driver, but also for other road users.

Where road markings have faded or become obscured, for example, it’s Ford’s new HUD-based headlights that will highlight those details. Anticipating pedestrian crossings is another advantage, especially to prevent pedestrian accidents. Additionally, these headlights could essentially light up a safe path that the driver could use to get around cyclists safely.

Other innovations Ford is exploring

Ford F-150 Lightning 2022 | The Ford Motor Company

Ford thinks there’s even more room for improvement with HUD technology and providing better driving information to those behind the wheel. The Blue Oval automaker is considering more futuristic advances, like having the headlights tied to a vehicle’s navigation system. It could be revolutionary in providing driver alerts to slippery conditions, early turns in the road, reduced visibility due to fog and even ice on the road.

Ford vehicles today already have many futuristic safety features, many of which are or will be considered standard equipment for most models. Sensor-driven innovations, such as Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control with Speed ​​Sign Recognition, automatically slow the vehicle when speed reductions occur. Pre-Collision Assist technology allows your Ford vehicle to scan the road ahead and warn you of potential obstacles. Automatic Emergency Braking warns and applies the brakes for you if you don’t react in time. A few of Kelley Blue Book’s favorite safety features include popular Blind Spot Monitoring and Lane Keeping Assist innovations.

Ford’s recently previewed headlights certainly take head-up display technology to a new level in driving and automotive safety. No official word yet on when this “high resolution” technology will be infused into the production line. Still, be prepared for more and more announcements from the blue oval company regarding groundbreaking advancements in car safety.

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