Find out what’s up for grabs at Richard Rawlings’ Garage Sale


That’s all we know about Richard Rawlings selling his entire car collection.

When Richard Rawlings of Gas Monkey Garage and the Richard Rawlings YouTube Channel says his famous line “gives you a little bit”, he really means it. In his latest business venture, he partners with Bring A Trailer to sell his entire collection. In this new series, which he has aptly dubbed Everything must go he will guide us through the process he undertakes to sell his valuable collection of classic cars.

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Why and how Rawlings sells everything

Richard best describes the sale of his business by saying he wants to “turn his beer budget into champagne dreams”. He tells us that his humble beginnings are at a turning point where he wants to sell his collection to afford better cars. Cars with “huge racing pedigrees” as well as rare cars from premium brands such as Mercedes, Ferrari and Lamborghini. In this first episode, Richard tells us that he will walk us through the process, while future episodes will be more in-depth on cars for sale. Richard partners with Bring A Trailer founder Randy to bring the cars to a much wider audience. He tells us that in the golden age of technology he shouldn’t have to load up the whole collection, take it to another state, pay a fee, auction the car off for a few minutes , then bring back any unsold cars for a fee. Bring A Trailer offers the same service to a much larger audience.

Some of the cars in Richard’s collection

Richard quickly showcases about 20 cars in the video, which he promises more in-depth review videos of each. It starts with an amazing completely original 1966 Ford Fairline. As he quickly scans the line of his collection, we see very familiar cars such as his 1962 and 1959 Corvettes, 1950 Ford Custom Deluxe Club Coupe, 1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme 442 replica and 1932 Ford Hot-rod . He even sells the very famous 2002 Chevy Silverado 2500 “Big Yeller” monster truck.

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Creme De La Creme King T

The most honorable mention in the collection for sale is Richard’s King T Hot-rod. The lilac hotrod built by legendary builders Don Tognotti and Gene Winfield in 1962-63 is the Mona Lisa on wheels. Richard tells us it’s his favorite car and although it pains him to sell it, he thinks the market is right. He tells us that Gene is his inspiration and mentor, and that he even came to the Gas Monkey Garage to give Richard a ride in King T himself. The car exudes luxury, from the white leather interior to the gold and chrome on every possible part, showing the amount of work that is put into this car. Richard goes on to tell us that “King T is also immortalized as hot wheel cars and matchbox cars. Here’s your chance to own the real thing…Get some of it!”


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