Diana Ross releases new single, “If The World Just Danced”, ahead of November album


Today (September 3) legendary Detroit-born singer-actress-performer Diana Ross released her new single, “If The World Just Danced”, from her upcoming LP, Thank you, which releases November 5.

“There’s no wrong way to dance, you just have to do it,” Ross said in a press release. “Let everyone know that you have to have fun. Joy, joy, joy is the answer. Playfulness! Joy! When we dance, there is only love in life.

The Hall of Fame artist, who went on to star as the leader of the Supremes, went on to become one of Motown’s most iconic acts and greatest success in the 1960s. (See below: “Stop in the name of love.”)

In the 1970s, Ross pursued a solo career and became one of the most infamous disco queens of the decade. (See below: “I Will Survive.”) She also appeared in the hit movie, The Sorcerer, as the main character, Dorothy. (See below: “Ease on Down the Road”) Since then, Ross has also enjoyed great success in the 80s and 90s.

According to the press release, Ross has co-wrote and curated every song on her new record, the guideline for which, she says, is “recognition.”

“When you dance, the world dances,” adds Ross.

Fans can pre-order the new disc here.

List of tracks for Thank you:

  1. Thank you
  2. If the world had just danced
  3. All is well
  4. In your heart
  5. In case
  6. Answers always love
  7. Let’s do it
  8. I still believe
  9. Count on me
  10. tomorrow
  11. Beautiful love
  12. Call time
  13. Come together


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