Democrats want to disparage Trump. They should focus on the Senate


For the publisher: Claiming that former President Trump “is the real threat behind the scenes, and that he must not be allowed to return to power” in 2024, columnist Nicholas Goldberg seems to have forgotten how the Senate Majority Leader of the ‘time, Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) blocked Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Merrick Garland, changed the Senate filibuster rule to a majority vote for all Supreme Court appointments, and broke his its own precedent of no court appointment ahead of a presidential election – all resulting in our current super-conservative court.

This story shows that controlling the House and the Senate is more important to healthcare, fair elections, and climate change than just keeping Trump out of the White House.

Working vigorously to add two or three more Democratic senators to the current majority seems smarter than disparaging Trump. This could provide a certain counterweight to the two “moderate” Democratic senators whose moderation is too often soft music to the ears of the GOP.

Mark Davidson, Santa Ana


For the publisher: It’s disgusting and frankly it feels like living in a nightmare to see the cogs of justice move so slowly and the opportunity to nail Trump slip away. It reminds me, sadly, of how the Germans watched the Nazis take control of their country without anyone doing enough to stop them.

Between the internal struggles of the Democrats, the Republican Party taken in hand by its fringe and President Biden’s inability to lead, we are heading for disaster. I’m worried about my kids and grandchildren unless we wake up and do something about this upcoming train wreck.

Aaron Eshman, Santa Monica


For the publisher: The ex-president continues to use the media to feed his pathological thirst for importance.

Sociopaths care little whether the attention they receive is favorable or critical. Goldberg’s article, like all hard-wired and print news sources that profit from Trump’s outrageous comments and behavior, only feeds the beast he claims he wants to conquer.

The only way to silence Trump is to shut up.

Loretta Redd, Santa Barbara


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