David Reed held without bail for the bludgeoning murder of his half-sister in 2001


FALL RIVER – David Reed isn’t going anywhere fast.

The 53-year-old former Acushnet and New Bedford resident – ​​charged with the brutal 2001 death of his half-sister Rose Marie Moniz at his New Bedford home – was held without bail on Friday morning when he was arraigned in Fall River Superior Court.

Reed, who was 33 when he allegedly used a conch shell, cast iron kettle and poker to kill his 41-year-old half-brother, will face trial for murder and armed robbery.

He had already been held without bond since October, when he was charged with assault with a weapon with intent to murder and armed robbery in connection with a separate 2003 incident in New Bedford.

The victim in that case was a Whaling City woman who told police Reed hit her in the head with a tire iron before pushing her out of her van while stealing her wallet.

Bristol County Prosecutor Thomas Quinn previously said Reed’s arrest and subsequent indictment for the murder of his half-sister was the result of advances in forensic technology in collecting and analyzing DNA at the crime scene.

He said his cold case unit is currently looking into unsolved murder and sexual assault cases dating back to 1976.

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Bristol County District Attorney Thomas Quinn is seen here at a press conference following the arraignment of accused murderer David Reed on Friday morning.

Reed will be back in court on March 7 for a pre-trial and then July 18 for a pre-trial hearing.

“I am very happy that he has finally been charged with a brutal murder that has left the victim’s family with many questions over the years,” Quinn said.

He said state police detectives assigned to his office are currently working on as many as 100 cold cases involving homicides and sexual assaults.

Quinn cited the case of convicted serial rapist Ivan Keith – a former Bridgewater resident who was sentenced to life in prison in 2021 for raping four women dating back to the late 1990s – as an example of how progress of DNA technology have solved cold cases.

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Quinn said it was unfortunate that the spread of the omicron variant of COVID-19 led the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court earlier this month to order a stay of all jury trials until at least January 31. .

But he said 13 murder cases went to trial in Bristol County from August to December. Quinn singled out Superior Court Judge Rafi Yessayan for his efforts to “move these cases forward.”

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Reed’s court-appointed attorney, Frank Camera, who pleaded not guilty, said he was confident his client would be exonerated.

He says Quinn’s office “greatly exaggerated” the DNA results from the 2001 murder scene and narrowly focused on the “parental lineage”.

The camera also alleges that police only recovered DNA evidence from the conch shell and not from the fireplace poker and cast iron kettle.

“They say a grand jury would indict a ham sandwich, and in this case, David Reed is the ham sandwich,” Camera said.

He added: “It’s shaping up to be a spectacular trial, but I’m confident he will be acquitted.”

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