Cobra Kai All Valley Season 4 Winner Explained: What [SPOILER] Do


Warning: SPOILERS for Cobra Kai Season 4 finale – “The Rise”.

Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) cheated so that Cobra Kai could win the All Valley Under 18 karate tournament in Season 4, but his actions will have ramifications in Cobra Kai season 5. All of Cobra Kai season 4 was built up to the All Valley and the stakes have never been higher: according to the bet Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) and Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) made with John Kreese (Martin Kove) at the end of Cobra Kai season 3, the dojo that loses the All Valley should close permanently. Kreese recruited Silver, his buddy from the Vietnamese military and the villain of The Karate Kid Part III, to level the playing field against LaRusso and Lawrence teaming up.


Cobra Kai The Season 4 All Valley tournament underwent a major format change that Terry Silver took advantage of. Along with a performance by musical guest Carrie Underwood, the All Valley board created a boys and girls division, in part to counter controversy over potential gender violence. This meant that, for the first time, there would be an All Valley male and female karate champion. Another change was the introduction of a skill competition in All Valley so that students in each dojo could show off their abilities with form and weapons. Importantly, dojos would now compete for points in all divisions so that the dojo with the most points would win the All Valley Grand Championship, which was separate from the boys ‘and girls’ individual championships.

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Only after the dust cleared after the end of the All Valley in Cobra Kai Season 4 finale as the full scope of Terry Silver’s machinations is revealed. Silver was actually running simultaneous counters as he was also plotting to become Cobra Kai’s sole sensei by framing Kreese for the attempted murder of Stingray (Paul Walter Hauser), which Terry had arranged with the aspiring oafish Cobra Kai. But Silver, who was well aware of Kreese’s pact with LaRusso and Lawrence, never intended Cobra Kai to lose in All Valley. Terry used his resources and his cunning to secure victory for the Black and Yellow Dojo, though it could end up costing him too. Cobra Kai season 5.

How Terry Silver cheated so Cobra Kai could win the All Valley

Silver Sponge Ref Cobra Kai 4

Terry Silver paid the All Valley referee to score the tournament in favor of Cobra Kai. The direct beneficiary of Silver’s cheating was Tory Nichols (Peyton List). Tory became the first female All Valley champion when she defeated Samantha LaRusso (Mary Mouser) in the girls’ final. During the quarterfinals and finals, the referee made several controversial calls that gave Cobra Kai an unfair advantage. While no one suspected that Silver, a multimillionaire with a history of corrupt business transactions, bought the referee, the official’s bad calls were certainly noticed by Daniel and Johnny, who were watching sideways.

The first evidence of the referee’s biased calls came in the quarterfinal bout between Tory and Devon Lee (Oona O’Brien) from Eagle Fang. Tory ended up sweeping away Johnny Lawrence’s protege with a 3-0 score, but one of the runs Nichols scored shouldn’t have counted as Devon’s foot was out of bounds. Still, the referee scored the point so Tory could win with a free kick for Cobra Kai.

Importantly, the referee also scored for Tory in his final match with Samantha. LaRusso scored a legal run that should have made it 2-2, but the official ruled Nichols was off bounds even though Sam connected before Tory’s foot left the ring. If LaRusso’s point had counted as it should have, Sam would have won the All Valley Championship with his next point. Instead, Tory nudged Sam when their score was 2-2, which Nichols said was an accident. The referee gave Nichols a warning instead of a point deduction, which would have given LaRusso the advantage. Silver then said to Tory, “Believe me, this referee will never end the match on a technical detail”, that was a dead giveaway that the fix was. Although Tory scored the decisive point on his own merits to win the fight 3-2, his sensei greased the wheels that helped Nichols win the All Valley Championship.

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Terry’s cheating was his revenge on Karate Kid 3


The cheating Terry Silver who guaranteed Cobra Kai’s All Valley tournament victory was also the ponytail villain ensuring his loss in The Karate Kid Part III wouldn’t happen a second time. Silver and Kreese also used underhanded tactics when their handpicked fighter Mike Barnes (Sean Kanan) fought Daniel LaRusso in 1985, but Terry didn’t go so far as to pay the officials. LaRusso upsetting Barnes ruined Terry’s plan to open Cobra Kai dojos throughout the San Fernando Valley, which he announced publicly ahead of Daniel’s decisive showdown with Mike.

But in Cobra Kai Season 4’s All Valley Tournament, Terry made sure to wait until Tory’s victory won the Grand Championship for his black and yellow dojo before moving into action. It was only then that Silver again announced that he was planning to open Cobra Kai dojos throughout the valley. Cobra Kai season 4 was Terry’s overhaul for the humiliation he suffered in The Karate Kid Part III, but this time it all worked out as Silver had planned, and none of his enemies (or allies) knew what Terry was up to.

Tory is the real victim of Terry Silver’s cheating

Unfortunately for Tory, she had no idea that Terry Silver had paid the referee until she accidentally heard her sensei congratulate the official and promise him that the money would be in her account. Tory now knows her Championship win is tainted, and if Nichols looked back on the events of her final fight, she would realize that Sam would have won without the referee overriding LaRusso’s legal point. Tory admitted to Robby Keene (Tanner Buchanan) how much winning the All Valley would mean to her, as it would be validation that she’s the best at something despite her tough life.

But while Tory is the All Valley champion and the tournament board doesn’t know there was cheating, Nichols is heartbroken that his victory was undeserved and that she really isn’t the best. . What Tory will do with this knowledge is a big question for Cobra Kai season 5 to answer. Will Nichols leave Cobra Kai because of what Sensei Silver has done? Tory’s loyalty goes to Kreese, not Terry, and she might be even more motivated to leave Cobra Kai when she learns that Kreese has been arrested, which left Silver in sole command of the dojo? Will Tory keep her tainted championship a secret or expose Kreese’s cheating? Cobra Kai season 5?

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Why Eli won the Boy’s All Valley despite Terry cheating

Eli Hawk All Valley Cobra Kai 4

Interestingly, Terry Silver paying the referee did not come into play in the All Valley boys’ final match between Robby and Eli “Hawk” Moskowitz (Jacob Bertrand), who Cobra Kai season 4 redeemed. The tattooed teenager who had a colorful mohawk defeated Robby in sudden death to become the All Valley Boys’ Champion, which gave his dojo, Miyagi-Do, the right to win and brag. The fact that Eli was the underdog against Robby was probably the reason this fight was clean.

After an injured Miguel Diaz (Xolo Maridueña) left the tournament, Robby was the big favorite to win the boys’ championship. Silver and Kreese had full confidence that Keene could beat Moskowitz, who John never considered one of their best fighters when Hawk was still in Cobra Kai. However, Kreese and Silver clearly overrated Robby while simultaneously underestimating Eli. Hawk beat Johnny’s prodigal son to sudden death, which was the first time since Daniel beat Barnes in The Karate Kid Part III. But Robby’s loss likely led Terry Silver to make sure his behind-the-scenes cheating paid off in Cobra Kaithe favor of when it was clear that Tory Nichols’ fight against Samantha LaRusso would decide which dojo reigned supreme.

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