Bulk gas prices are high which could save you money


Gas prices have fluctuated over the years and some like to blame the President, but supply and demand are almost always the case.

Massachusetts gas prices are at their highest level in seven years, with the average regular gas price currently being $ 3.40 per gallon starting Monday.

Well you might find a local BJ, Pittsfield has one. Costco also offers cheaper gasoline to its members. In addition, Big Y also offers a fuel economy program. There are options.

However, I am very bad at using these things as I am by no means a “coupon guy” but paying over $ 50.00 to refuel my SUV has happened to me recently!

If you have a newer vehicle, you probably have one of these buttons on your dash somewhere.

So when I first bought my SUV, I used to press the ECON button all the time, but the gas prices weren’t that high back then, so I decided to turn it off.

With the last pain at the pump; however, I rediscovered the ECO MODE button!

In reality, Eco mode only increases your fuel economy by about five percent. So if you spend $ 200 at the pump every month, you can expect to save around $ 10 per month. -cartraitements.com

What the hell does that mean? No, really, when you get used to driving with a little less acceleration you might realize that you may never have needed it in the first place.

Finally, if you drive in a way that uses too much fuel, you are likely to save even more fuel at the pump. This is because Eco mode can make you more aware of your driving habits, and eco-driving can reduce your fuel consumption by as much as 24%! -cartraitements.com

With gasoline at $ 3.40, I’ll save 24%! Plus, driving a bit slower is probably a bit safer for everyone.

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