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What happens when a biological high school girl speaks up and says she’s not comfortable with a biological man changing with her in a locker room? In the case of a high school in Vermont, the local school authorities would have decided to solve the problem by prohibiting use of the locker room.

According to WCAX in Burlington, Vermontdrama erupted this season as the biological women on the Randolph High School volleyball team when a biological man made inappropriate comments while switching with the biological women.

The station reports that parents and athletes raised their concerns at the school and that’s when the wheels of the transgender freight train were set in motion.

Biological females were the problem.

An email has been sent to families explaining the Vermont law. The email said there was “plenty of space where students who are not comfortable with the laws can change in privacy”.

That’s right, if you’re a biological woman who doesn’t feel comfortable changing in a locker room with a biological man, that’s YOU’s problem and it’s up to YOU ​​to find a new place to change. change you. It’s a very similar response to issues raised by the University of Pennsylvania biological women who were told to share locker room space with swimmer Lia Thomas.

Work it out, ladies. It’s a new era. Be with the times or find a new place to change.

Biological volleyball player Randolph HS (VT) Blake Allen doesn’t want a biological male changing with her in the team locker room. The school reportedly responded by closing the locker rooms. /WCAX

Biological woman Blake Allen, a member of the volleyball team, says she was encouraged by her mother to open up about the situation to “make a change” while noting that she “doesn’t want a biological man” changes with it.

What are Blake’s rights here?

Vermont State Board of Education policy states that Blake is virtually unlucky. Again, dealing with it is the position of the state.

An email has been sent to the parents of the Randolph volleyball players explaining the school's new locker room policy after drama erupted over biological women changing with a biological transgender teammate.
An email has been sent to parents of Randolph volleyball players explaining the school’s new locker room policy after drama erupted over biological women changing with a biological transgender teammate / via WCAX

“The use of restrooms and locker rooms by transgender students requires schools to consider many factors, including, but not limited to: the preference of the transgender student; protect the privacy of students; maximize the social integration of the transgender student; minimize student stigma; ensuring equal opportunity to participate; the age of the student; and protect the safety of the students involved,” Board policy states.

“A transgender student should not be required to use a locker room or restroom that conflicts with the student’s gender identity.”

Translation: Simply put, if a biological male IDENTIFIED as a woman, he can change in the women’s locker room.

Vermont Department of Education Says Transgender Athletes Shouldn't Be Forced To Use A Locker Room That Conflicts With That Student's Gender Identity
Vermont Department of Education says transgender athletes shouldn’t be required to use a locker room that conflicts with that student’s gender identity / via WCAX

Where is this debate going between transgender and biological women’s athletics – and even the use of locker rooms?

In January, Roger Brooks, who is senior counsel for the Alliance Defend Freedom, told OutKick that it looks like a Supreme Court showdown is inevitable.

“I think the answer to that question is ‘yes,'” he said while noting that the court cases are piling up and it’s likely there will be more cases to come. “The law is not fast, but in the next two years we will see a case on this issue before the Supreme Court.”

The locker room debate isn’t just happening in central Vermont with a women’s volleyball team. In Texas, a parent sued the Round Rock school district over a case centered on a woman the student is told to go home to change during the school day “to avoid a student whom district officials had allowed to undress with her in her locker room.”

In Randolph, Vermont, where the volleyball team was banned from use for switching purposes, it is unclear where the biological male athlete is switching.

“They want all the girls who feel uncomfortable – so about 10 girls – to change in one bathroom, which would take over 30 minutes. Where if a person was changed separately, it would take a minute, like no overtime,” Blake Allen told WCAX.

That’s right, Blake. Stop making sense. It’s 2022. Common sense is not allowed.

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