A detailed look at Robocop’s car, the 6000 SUX


The 80s was a decade in which action and sci-fi films dominated. There were cute Blockbusters like The ghost hunters and AND the extra-terrestrialscary movies like Fire Starters, Aliens and The dead zoneand there were, of course, the big action-packed productions like The Terminator, RoboCop, and Escape from New York. Most of these titles featured either encounters with frightening creatures or an apocalyptic reality in which strange aliens were destroying the world.

Obviously movie producers were obsessed with aliens in the 80s. That being said, of the good, the terrible and the weird, the most interesting film was the sci-fi action blockbuster, RoboCop, where a cyborg policeman protected innocent people in a crime-ridden Detroit. Although the story is a social and political satire that still finds fans even in 2022, the best feature of the film is not that strange main character or the plot, but the 4-door 6000 SUX that appeared in the 1987 movie.

If you don’t remember the 6000 SUX, it’s probably because younger generations associate the RoboCop franchise with Hummer vehicles, since production featured them extensively in the RoboCop: the series. Others will also remember the Ford Taurus, but our favorite is still the 6000 SUX because it was so ugly and weird it fit perfectly into the dystopian reality presented in the film. For RoboCop fans, these are the best features and details of the 6000 SUX.

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RoboCop’s car: Production created the 6000 SUX to poke fun at the American auto industry

Considering not everyone understood that RoboCop was a sci-fi action satire, it’s no surprise that some fans missed the part that poked fun at the automotive industry. Time and again, journalists and moviegoers have pointed out that the presence of the 6000 SUX in the film was intended as a parody of the Pontiac 6000 and American automobile sedans. “The car is presented as a humorous version of the American luxury sedan of the future,” says Course of action.

“The 6000 SUX appears several times in the film, including in this commercial where its 8.2 miles per gallon of fuel economy is proudly advertised as part of an ‘American tradition’. The film’s fandom makes a point of similar view on RoboCop Wiki where a message adds that “the 6000 SUX is meant to dig the Pontiac 6000”. Meanwhile, the 6000 SUX commercial is the scene that most effectively satirizes the large vehicle “because bigger is better”, while pointing out the absurd fuel consumption. Simply put, the film made passing references to American car preferences and fixation on large vehicles.

The 1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme that became the legendary RoboCop car

The 6000 SUX is obviously not real. And while we can imagine a handful of automakers who would choose to build huge, gas-guzzling monsters for fun (Hummer), it would still be difficult to conceive of an automaker who would choose the SUX moniker for a car model. In the most literal sense, the 6000 SUX was nothing more than a 1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme revamped by Gene Winfield.

The designer hid the Cutlass Supreme under the fiberglass body panels. He also added contemporary-looking air intakes and exhausts. The design team also kept the chassis from the 1977 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. Automatic week points out that the quality of the car wasn’t the best, given that in one of the scenes a mirror falls off. That said, the production built two complete vehicles for the film and a third body that was destroyed by staff during filming.

Automatic week thinks the production destroyed the two 6000 SUX vehicles from the first film; therefore, car enthusiasts and movie buffs looking for RoboCop collectibles should look into action figures and small statues rather than weird vehicles.

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RoboCop’s car: here are the best features of the 6000 SUX

Just by looking at the 6000 SUX, we already know how bad it is. This full-size 4-door sedan has no standout features except the absurd size. While the RoboCop Fandom points out that the car had “reclining leather seats, cruise control and a Blaupunkt radio”, that’s pretty unimpressive, and we expect a lot more from cars of the future.

“It’s a giant stern-engine land barge with anti-aerodynamics,” explains The reader before adding that in this dystopian future populated by robots and cyborgs, car manufacturers still cannot innovate and create a luxurious vehicle. During this time, the RoboCop Fandom focuses on the “unusual” fiberglass tail section of the 6000 SUX, which features twin upper air intakes behind the door at the rear, a massive triple exhaust in the center and rear brake lights.

Elsewhere, production didn’t care too much about the cabin and engine as they left them unchanged. Overall, the 6000 SUX earned a reputation as one of the most hideous movie vehicles, but that didn’t stop people from admiring it.


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